TNT Art Glass Studios, Ltd.

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TNT Art Glass Studios, Ltd.

TNT Art Glass Studios, Ltd. is a fabricator of the highest quality stained glass products. Whether you are looking to add a unique and custom touch to your entry door, cabinetry, transform any artwork on glass or give an upper-class appearance to your doors, windows, or kitchen cabinets we can provide you with the very finest decorative art glass on the market with competitive pricing.

Commercial applications are also available for Company motivation, such as Corporate Messaging on floating glass panels is the “new”. Glass “Failure Walls” for keeping your employees motivated. No problem. With over 40+ years of experience, we have accumulated many satisfied clients. We approach each project individually and carefully, no matter how large or small, and work closely with our clients to ensure that all their wishes are met to their exact specifications. All our glass products are custom handmade by an experienced and professional master craftsman.

Please know that we also offer stained glass restoration services. Don’t throw out your broken, damaged, sad-looking stained glass window panels! They can in many cases be salvaged, repaired and restored adding many more years of timeless beauty!

We are certain that we can meet your highest expectations of design quality and aesthetics. Call us at 330.412.4816 today or email to discuss your needs. We will get a free project quote estimate to you.

Master. Licensed Texas. Registered Frank Lloyd Wright and Tiffany craftsman.The master craftsman has been approved for Frank Lloyd Wright and Tiffany restoration. He has restored 17th and 18th-century European makers unknown as well. As a master craftsman, he is able to reconstruct past, present, and future design ideas.

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